About us

Our Motivation

"H24 Hotels" is more than just a hotel chain - we are a symbol of innovation and progress in guest care. We aim to provide our guests with an atmosphere as if they were staying with friends, with the utmost in personality and comfort.

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Why Our Guests Love Us

Our Promise

Best Price Guarantee

If you book your room through our homepage, you will be rewarded with the lowest price for it. If you find a lower price on another booking platform, we guarantee you'll get that price with us too.

Last Available Rooms

While our rooms may be booked out on other booking platforms, our homepage will still show the last available rooms.

Availability & Prices in Real-Time

The availability and prices of our rooms are checked by the minute, ensuring you always see the most current values.

Booking Without a Credit Card Possible

Alternatively to a credit card, you can use your PayPal account to book your room with us.

Hotel Locations

Feel at home in these H24 Hotels

You can find our H24 hotels at many different locations distributed across Germany. Each of our hotels is unique in its name, history, and furnishings. But one thing they all share is a high standard of quality, combined with smart hospitality and comfort. Our guests can benefit from these qualities around the clock, anywhere.

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We want to leave future generations a planet that offers them a livable and safe home. This can only be achieved through the inner conviction of each individual and collective action in the interest of the environment. By choosing H24, you actively contribute to conserving resources and minimizing your ecological footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

For daily cleaning, we use almost exclusively cleaning agents without chemical additives. Disinfection is also carried out with environmentally friendly substances that are completely harmless to health.

Green Option

During your stay, your towels will remain where they are, and cleaning will only take place after your check-out. By consciously choosing the Green Option, you can significantly contribute to conserving resources.

Avoiding Disposable Products

Disposable products are a big issue in the hospitality industry. Not for us, because we simply do not use them. To avoid waste, you will only encounter dispensers and other environmentally friendly solutions with us.

Renovating Instead of Rebuilding

Many old buildings have good structural substance and tell their own fascinating stories. So, why demolish them? We breathe new life into existing properties, transforming them into our H24 Hotels. This not only results in lower environmental impact but also creates unique properties with incomparable charm.