For our locations: Parkhotel Thale

At H24 HOTELS we break with the tradition of an overloaded menu and focus on a lean, uncomplicated but high-quality F&B concept. As a chef, you are the key to this success. With your hands-on mentality and commitment to working side by side with your team, you take our kitchen to the next level.

In our team, where we are on first name terms and maintain a family atmosphere, you are not only the creative head of the kitchen, but also a role model for collaboration and efficiency. We are looking for a chef who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and actively contribute to creating a unique culinary experience.

You are looking for ...

  • the challenge of developing and implementing a slim but high-quality menu.
  • on working hand in hand with your team and finding creative solutions together.
  • to delight our guests with your innovative and high-quality dishes.

That makes you special

  • You have extensive experience in fine dining and share our vision of a lean, quality-oriented concept.
  • Your hands-on mentality and your commitment to tackling things together with your team are what set you apart.
  • You have excellent leadership skills and can motivate and support your team.
  • You are flexible, innovative and strive to always offer the best quality.
  • You have an eye for detail and strive for perfection in every dish.

What you can expect

  • A leading role in the implementation of our lean, uncomplicated but high quality F&B concept.
  • Above-average remuneration in recognition of your culinary excellence and your hands-on mentality.
  • Creative freedom and personal responsibility in kitchen management.
  • A work environment where teamwork and efficiency are valued.
  • Diverse development opportunities as part of our corporate philosophy.
  • If necessary and by arrangement, tailor-made extra services such as accommodation, cell phone, company car, etc.

Apply today and let’s get even better together!

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*The job title does not only mean the male or female version, but stands for the gender-neutral designation of the profession. People of any gender, origin, sexual orientation or religion are welcome.